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An employment agency is professional organisation that aims to connect jobseekers and employers with currently available job positions. Employment agents can help you find the job you really want, and for businesses, an employment agency can make sure that the right candidates find your company while taking much of the hassle out of staff recruitment.

Each employment agency is different, and some will specialise in a particular area such as medical employment agencies, IT employment agencies and construction employment agencies to name a few. Using industry knowledge, an employment agency can then match the best people with the right jobs while making the entire employment process trouble free.

A Group Training Organisation is an alternative employment agency when taking on an apprentice or trainee. The Group Training Organisation is the employer and the Australian Apprentice is placed with a host employer. They provide the pastoral care as well as cost/time responsibilities of the employer.

If you are currently searching for a new job, or you need staffing solutions for your business, an employment agency can assist with your employment requirements. You will find recruitment agents from around Australia listed on, and it's as easy as using the navigation on this page to search via your local area or a category of your choice. Browse profiles online and then contact an employment professional for services and advice - it's that easy. - your online resource when you need an employment agency.

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Dick Estens

IN 1997, the cotton farmer Dick (Richard) Estens decided he was going to do something about the social problems surrounding Aborigines in his home town of Moree, so he started a not-for-profit employment agency, Aboriginal Employment Strategy. Dick Estens Richard Estens

Improve Your Chances By Using An Employment Agency

An employment agency can be well worth joining if you are currently looking for work.